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  • Incheon National University

Conference Place Information

  • - Incheon National University is filming location of famous show program that is Running Man
  • - Incheon National University is filming location of famous Drama that is "Hyde, Jekyll and me“
  • - This place was filming location of famous drama that is My love from the star.

Tourist Attractions

  • Songdo Central Park & Songdo Hanok Village
  • Songdo Central Park is a seaside park built within Songdo International City, a green paradise found among the crowded skyscrapers in the city. Visitors can enjoy a water taxi ride on the man-made waterway, take a stroll at the walking promenades or various themed meadows around. Near Songdo Central Park are various shops and cafes specializing in organic and fusion food. The exotic landscape of Songdo is a good backdrop for an enjoyable outdoor brunch in these cafés for quality time and a perfect date for lovers.
  • Tri-Bowl
  • Famous for its impressive night views of Songdo, Tri-Bowl is a multi-complex culture and arts center built to seem as if it is floating on water. Its unique architecture of three bowl-shaped buildings floating on water symolizes Incheon, a city in harmony with the sky, ocean, and earth. It is composed of a curved floor with a flat roof instead of a flat floor with a curved roof of general architecture. This memorial hall is basically used for exhibitions and is designed to have a wide ceiling for those exhibitions
  • Songdo Convensia
  • Songdo Convensia is approximately 15 minutes away by car from the Incheon International Airport and an hour from Seoul, making it a pleasant and convenient venue for business as well as for touring the Seoul metropolitan area. The center is surrounded by six outstanding hotels, a department store, and a number of shopping malls. Naturally, it has become a popular venue for television programs, performances, and fashion shows.
  • Incheon Art Platform
  • Incheon Art Platform is located in Haean-dong of Incheon known for its well-preserved architectural heritage sites and buildings that display both ancient and modern architecture. The complex was established through remodeling buildings constructed in the 1930s and 1940s. The 13 buildings, including studios, library, training center, exhibition and performance halls, that make up Art Platform are expected to develop into a huge street museum in the future, thereby preserving the historical establishments, while displaying the modern interpretation of the past.